Toddler ( 1 year- 2 years)

Being a toddler is such an exciting time for both your child and family! Your toddler’s world is bursting with energy, curiosity and the need to explore.  In this period of rapid development, your active toddler is manipulating, moving and touching.  He is becoming more independent and capable of doing things for himself.  At Little Scholars, your child will be challenged and have the opportunity to explore and grow physically, socially and emotionally. Your toddler’s confidence will grow everyday as he participates in a variety of activities, such as art and sensory activities, visual and verbal development and lots of physical development with both indoor and outdoor play.

Our toddler learning environment is very hands on and at the same time focuses on the learning by:

▪          Brain Builders – Activities for Developing Cognitive Skills
▪          Talk to Me! – Ways to Enhance Communication and Language Skills
▪          Change My Life by Turning a Page – Activities for Early Literacy Development
▪          On the Move – Gross and Fine Motor Skills
▪          Shake the Rattle and Roll – Music and Movement Games, Finger plays, and Songs
▪          I Am My World – Enhancing Sensory Development through Exploration and Discovery
▪          Exploring the Natural Word – Indoor and Outdoor Activities to Nurture the Love of Nature
▪          I Need a Hug! – Individual and Small-Group Activities to Build Social Skills for Life

Along with learning, growing and accomplishing many milestones, your toddler will also be getting ready to be potty trained. Though each child is different and learns at his own pace, we are here to partner with you to help your toddler reach this milestone successfully.


We look forward to partnering with you and your toddler during this fun and exciting time!