Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 years old)

Little Scholars offers a Pre-Kindergarten program that will prepare your child for the academic and social challenges of a primary school environment.

Our program is designed to develop each child— academically, socially and emotionally.  The Scholastic Pre-K curriculum is a comprehensive early learning program that embraces children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to explore and connect to the world around them. The pre-kindergarten curriculum incorporates the most current research on child development into a program that celebrates early learners and prepares children for success in school and life!

Our areas of focus include: 

▪          Pre-Kindergarten phonics, reading comprehension and literacy
▪          Problem solving, classifying and prediction
▪          Understanding numbers, place value and patterns
▪          Writing and self-expression
▪          Listening skills and following directions
▪          Aesthetic development through play, art and music