Pre-Schoolers (2-4 years old)

Preschool is an exciting new chapter in your child’s life!  At Little Scholars our comfortable, nurturing environment helps ease the transition from a toddler to a young child.  Our program encourages development through a curriculum based on storytelling, reading-readiness, pre-math skills, environment (the world around us), and artistic expression. Concrete activities allow the children to learn through their physical senses and ensure that each lesson is an experience they will remember.

Our purpose is to create a strong foundation of skills upon which all future learning is built. Our areas of focus include:

▪          Phonics, reading comprehension and literacy
▪          Mathematics
▪          Problem solving
▪          Social and emotional development
▪          Motor development
▪          Creativity and imagination
▪          Technology
▪          Writing and self-expression
▪          Listening skills and following directions